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A personal 1:1 coachings is the most intensive form of learning. You and your coach will have 60 minutes of private time to dig deep into your chosen topic.

Our coaches are here to help you to make more money out of trading and investing. This is the overall goal of every coaching session.

A personal coaching includes:

  • Screening of your current situation
  • Identification of your weak spots – Where and why do you lose money
  • Identify your fears
  • Development of routines
  • Improvement of your strategies

How many persons can join the coaching:

  • We offer this type of coaching for up to two persons
  • Invite a friend and share your experience for the same price

Available languages:

  • Deutsch


  • 60-minutes Skype Session at your booked times
  • 14 days return policy. Consult the FAQ for more information
  • Cancel your coaching up to 14 days before your appointment takes place
  • Secure encryption and in line with strict banking regulations

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Your Mentor

Daniel has been a professional trader since 2007 and lives completely from his own trading. He has been part of the Tradimo Community since 2012 as TradimoTraderNTK and on the Tradimo learning platform as part of the NTK Trading Team.

He is a professional daytrader in order flow trading, trades different swing trading approaches in combination with intermarket analysis and also has strategies in position trading in his portfolio. As part of the NTK trading team, Daniel is also the Head of Education in Tradimo’s professional daytrading Nanodiploma™.

Detailed Coaching Descriptions

Gomicator Education

Gomicator is one of the leading indicators when it comes to footprint charts and volume profile trading in NinjaTrader and Sierra Charts. It provides you top overview for perfect entries. It shows you candle data internals as sells, buys, delta and associated calculations. It computes buy/sell imbalances and builds associated S/R zones for you.

As a long-term user of Gomicator, Daniel is able to coach you how to perfectly set up the footprint charts and the volume profile indicator and will help you to make it perfectly fit your trading approach, that you can boost up your performance and get more profitable trades.

This personal Coaching includes:

  • 60 minutes of group coaching for up to 5 persons
  • Gomicator setup on Sierra Charts or NinjaTrader
  • Walkthrough Gomicator functionality
  • Important settings to use
  • Trading tips from the coach

Trade Review and Strategy Improvement

Your trading and investment strategy is not working as expected? You need some external help from a professional to review your strategy and your trades? Daniel offers you his full experience to review together with you your trading and investment strategies and helps you to improve.

Find out which numbers you need to improve to scale up your performance to new levels and increase your profits sustainably.

This personal Coaching includes:

  • 60 minutes of group coaching for up to 5 persons
  • Trade review with your trading journal
  • Strategy review and strategy improvement
  • Improvement of market timings
  • Trading tips from the coach

Intermarket Analysis

The intermarket analysis is the approach to analyse the major asset classes: stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies and their correlation. Knowing the correlation and the money flow of big institutions between this major asset classes will help you to anticipate where institutions will move their money into. This allows you to time your investments and predict which markets will move up next to perfectly allocate your capital.

Daniel will exactly teach you the concepts of intermarket analysis and coach you to analyze the market on your own to get an advantage and predict price movements.

This personal Coaching includes:

  • 60 minutes of group coaching for up to 5 persons
  • Intermarket analysis training
  • How intermarket analysis works
  • Trading approaches for intermarket analysis
  • Important sites you should use

Bookmap Education

Bookmap offers you a really deep insight into the depth of trading (DOM) and order book flows. The best traders use DOM trading and orderflows to trade and earn their money.

Learn how to use and handle Bookmap to get the full insight into the markets and use it for your trading to reach the top level of trading and profitability. Daniel is using Bookmap for his own trading and for many years now. He exactly knows how to coach you to get the most out of your own trading and increase your profitability.

This personal Coaching includes:

  • 60 minutes of group coaching for up to 5 persons
  • Bookmap training
  • Bookmap setup
  • Tips from the coach for your trading approach
  • A detailed explanation of all the important metrics

Footprint Chart Trading

Footprint Charts offer you a new view on trading in charts since they offer you the possibilities to look deeper into the orderflows and the order book. Find ways to trade imbalances on important levels and boost your profit with footprint trading strategies from our professional mentor.

Learn how to use the footprint charts, set better stops, find good levels to trade and what numbers you need to have an eye on to be profitable in trading.

This personal Coaching includes:

  • 60 minutes of group coaching for up to 5 persons
  • Footprint trading coaching
  • Strategy development for footprint tradings
  • Strategy improvement with footprint trading
  • Trading tips from the coach

Orderflow Trading

Orderflow Trading is one of the most effective ways to trade the markets when you want to become a professional daytrader. To work with order flows allows you to have a deep insight into the order book and the movement and flows of orders there. You are able to detect so-called iceberg orders, algo traders. fake orders and much more marks big institutions leave in the order book.

Improve your knowledge about reading orderflows and the order book leads to a huge advantage in trading and allows you to time your trades at the top level to improve your results dramatically. Daniel’s daytrading approach is built on orderflow trading and that is why he can perfectly connect your trading approach to bookmap and help you to get the most out of overflows.

This personal Coaching includes:

  • 60 minutes of group coaching for up to 5 persons
  • Orderflow training
  • Tips from the coach for your trading approach
  • Strategy building with orderflow trading
  • A detailed explanation of all the important metrics