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A personal 1:1 coachings is the most intensive form of learning. You and your coach will have 30 minutes of private time to dig deep into your chosen topic. Our coaches are here to help you to make more money out of trading and investing. This is the overall goal of every coaching session.

A personal coaching includes:

  • Screening of your current situation
  • Identification of your weak spots – Where and why do you lose money
  • Identify your fears
  • Development of routines
  • Improvement of your strategies

Available languages:

  • Deutsch
  • English


  • 30-minutes Skype Session at your booked times
  • 14 days return policy. Consult the FAQ for more information
  • Cancel your coaching up to 14 days before your appointment takes place
  • Secure encryption and in line with strict banking regulations

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Your Mentor

Matthias is our Education Manager at Tradimo. He has been part of the company since our launch in 2012 and has been actively trading since 2004. He started with Forex and CFD trading and is now fully focused on the options and futures markets, applying a wide range of strategies. The trained banker has a Master degree in economics.

His trading horizon starts at candlestick pattern trading strategies, over to options selling strategies and up to complex options constructions like butterflies and other income strategies. He is also trading future strategies and future spreads, which you can also apply to CFDs.

Detailed Coaching Descriptions

Candlestick Pattern Trading

You are interested in candlestick patterns but need a deeper insight into strategies and how it works to trade them? By trading candlestick chart patterns you need to make sure to add some more indications before you place your trade.

Matthias has been trading candlestick patterns successfully for many years and applied his own simple but effective strategy on a daily bases. This means you can also trade these patterns even if you are employed.

This coaching has the target to exactly explain to you how to trade the most important patterns, manage your trades, entry and exit rules. The complete focus is to bring you to the next level and help you to trade successfully.


This personal coaching includes:

  • 30 minutes of 1:1 coaching
  • Candlestick pattern basics
  • Candlestick pattern strategy development
  • Candlestick pattern strategy review of your trades and improvement
  • How to find the right spots
  • Set stops and take profits
  • Trading tips from the coach

Future/CFD Spread Trading

Do you need help to develop your strategies or how to find the most profitable spots? Spread trading is one of the most profitable strategies to use. Compared to the low margin you need for this kind of trading the return on investment is often way above 100%.

Spread trading is also suitable for you as an employed person. Spreads have clearly defined rules for exits, entries, and stops, that you only need to follow and have an eye on once a day.

By trading spreads, you take advantage of extremes in the markets and trade the return to a normal situation. Matthias is an expert at this strategies and will help you to increase your returns and develop your strategy to get the most out of your invested money.

This personal Coaching includes:

  • 30 minutes of 1:1 coaching
  • Future trading basics
  • Future/CFD spread trading strategy development
  • Future/CFD trading strategy review of your trades and improvement
  • How to find the right spots
  • Set stops and take profits
  • Trading tips from the coach

Options Trading

Do you need some support with your options trading strategies? You want to learn income trading strategies or how to set up options constructions? Here is your man!

With this personal coaching offer, you will get your 1:1 experience and learn everything you want to know about trading with options. Income strategies, options constructions, how to sell options, simple but working options selling strategies like cash secured put selling or covered call writing.

Our coach also helps you develop your strategies when it comes to selling options successfully. Don’t hesitate, we are confident that this is the next step to success.


This personal Coaching includes:

  • 30 minutes of 1:1 coaching
  • Options trading basics
  • Options trading strategy development
  • Options trading strategy review of your trades and improvement
  • Put butterfly income strategies
  • Cash Secured Put selling
  • Covered call writing
  • How to buy stocks with options
  • Simple options selling strategies that work
  • Trading tips from the coach

Recent Results

Here is Matthias’ result starting 2017. This screenshot was taken directly from the IB portfolio analyzer. The main part of this performance comes from options trading and future spread trading, which is also perfectly fine for employed persons.